Budget-friendly bathroom remodelling ideas

Your bathroom may not be the room you boast of to guests. But just like the rest of your house, it also needs your attention. Of course, you won’t be able to turn it into a deluxe spa retreat when it’s time to remodel your bathroom, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. But with a good fashion sense and the help of the professionals at http://thebathroomco.com.au/, you can at least turn it into a relaxing, cool space without breaking the bank.

Here are some bathroom remodelling ideas when on a budget.

Have a plan ready before starting

Working with a designer and a bathroom renovation contractor may seem like an added expense when you’re on a tight budget. However, working out a plan with the professionals at The Bathroom Company can help ensure that your budget, design, and timeline are all realistic. They will also make sure that you stick to the plan. So, hiring them is actually money well spent.

Keep plumbing where it is

It’d be nice if you could move around every fixture in your bathroom, but that’s not really efficient nor cost-effective. Relocating utilities like the bathtub and toilet are no small task. It requires a lot of work and materials to complete such a task–meaning more expenses. Using your existing piping will help you save money.

Update the fixtures; don’t buy new

You might be tempted to scrap everything in your bathroom and just buy new ones. However, that will cost you a significant amount of money. A much cheaper option is to have your bathtub or shower professionally relined.

However, this strategy does not work on the shower and sink fixtures. This is because only a few people refinish such fixtures unless they are old, vintage pieces. Contractors who do offer such a service typically charge a premium price. That’s why refinishing them tends to be more expensive than replacing them.

As for your toilet, consider giving it a fresh look by replacing the lid and seat instead of throwing away the whole porcelain perch. This does not just help you avoid buying a new unit. It also saves you plumbing installation fees.

Use tile alternatives

It would be nice to have a bathroom with tiles up to the ceiling, but tiles are expensive. So, you may want to limit them to high impact areas like the floor and areas that get wet a lot like the inside of shower stall walls. As for the bathroom walls, you may want to consider reclaimed wood panels, beadboard, or board and batten as high-end tile replacements. Wood requires more upkeep, but it also gives off a warmer and comforting feeling than tile.

Hire the professionals

The bathroom renovations experts at The Bathroom Company can help you with all your remodelling needs from start to finish. That includes plumbing, demolition, electrical, painting, tiling, shower screens, plastering, and mirrors. They also custom-make laundry cupboards and fittings, vanity units, glass bricks, and so much more.