Need help with Order 43 medical forms? Hire an occupational health agency

If you need assistance with processing Order 43 medical forms, then you should get in touch with an occupational health agency.

Complying with Order 43: At a glance

It’s been more than a year since the Order 43 has taken effect. While the former Order has no issues, key changes have been added to the new Order.

Now, despite your knowledge in the industry, the complying process might overwhelm an employer like you.

First, you have to read about the major changes of the new Order. These changes include the frequency of chest x-rays and the inclusion of Respiratory FIT testing in the assessments.

After that, you still need to submit the new Order 43 medical requirements document. This is necessary so that the approved medical officer can proceed to assess your employees and applicants.

Even though this whole ordeal of complying is important, it will take a huge chunk of your time and resources.

Therefore, if you need help with Order 43 medical assessments, it’s better if you hire an occupational agency and leave your worries to them.

Why an occupational health agency can help you

First, an agency is helpful because they can provide a comprehensive consultation. With this service, they can easily streamline your complying process. That is because during the consultation, they will assess your needs—allowing them to provide you with personalised and quick solutions.

For instance, are you hiring new workers for your coal mining firm? If you are, then you should conduct pre-placement assessments. The Order 43 mandates this. However, to conduct this assessment, you must submit the necessary Order 43 medical forms to your occupational physician. Visit us at Resile

Now, the good thing about hiring an agency is they can help you with that problem and go the extra mile. They will cover your needs—from the consultation, the submitting of forms and documents, up to the assessments.

The different types of Order 43 medical forms

Under Order 43, you need to complete these forms, so the medical officer can assess your applicants and current workers.

1. Order 43 – Pre-placement assessments form. This test is for all new coal mine workers or all experienced workers who are transferring to a new site or project.

2. Order 43 – Periodic assessments form. You should conduct this periodic test three (3) years after a worker’s pre-placement assessment.

3. Order 43 – Exit medical assessments form. If a coal mine worker resigns, they must undergo an exit medical assessment.

If you have a huge number of workers in your mining company, an agency can help streamline this tedious but important process.

Moreover, why hire an occupational health agency?


Besides Order 43 assessments, an agency can also provide physician consulting, advanced health and safety training, monitoring of your operations, and even 24/7 emergency services. You can get all help from one place.

Customised solutions

Because they offer consultancy, they can sit down and create solutions for your unique problems. Whether your issue is workplace hygiene or injury management, they can provide personalised services.

Do you need more help in taking care of your workforce?

You can get that and more perks at Resile.

Led by the esteemed physician Dr Robert McCartney, Resile has helped businesses sustain the wellbeing of their workforce. For a good occupational consultants service, visit

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