The Little Ways You Can Promote Water Conservation in the Office

Let’s face it. Aside from electricity, workplace water use accounts for a huge chunk of a company’s budget for utilities. Finding ways to reduce water consumption makes business sense. But cost-savings aside, the use of efficient tapware solutions and Aqua Nova wastewater management systems are also great ways to uphold conservation.

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Why does water conservation matters?

As an entrepreneur, perhaps you’re always looking for ways to maximise your budget. Conservation, be it for water or electricity, is the best place to start. Upholding conservation principles in business helps you innovate and maintain high productivity without compromising the team’s morale and health. In the long run, this also helps you promote your company as a sustainable, eco-friendly enterprise.

Yes, water covers a whopping 71% of the Earth’s surface. But only a limited portion of it is actually safe for use. Although there are countries with abundant water supply, there are also others that suffer from frequent drought. Everyone deserves access to clean water.

Hence, it’s important to use Aqua Nova and other water-efficient solutions to conserve and share this resource equally. The United Nations even encourages businesses and non-profit organisations to include this advocacy in social responsibility projects.

How can you implement water conservation in the office?

Hence, areas with a rainy season are highly advised to use concrete rainwater tank to store water for future use. For offices, these are the tips you can do even daily to conserve water:

  1. Opt for low-flow showerheads and toilets.
  2. Have rainwater pits, and make this your water source for the landscape.
  3. Switch to low-maintenance plants that require less watering. Opt for trees that affords the outdoor area a lot of natural shade.
  4. Have your water systems checked and maintained regularly. This prevents leaks, which could add a couple of unnecessary bucks to water bill.
  5. Raise the team’s awareness on conservation.
  6. Place signages and conservation reminders near sinks, toilets, and other watering areas.
  7. If you’ve installed an automatic watering system for the landscape, equip it with rain sensors. The sensors can detect when actual rain pours in to take over the system’s watering duties.
  8. Install a wastewater management solution, such as Aqua Nova, to recycle water. The recycled water can be used for the landscaping.
  9. Be discerning when you use water for cleaning. Sweep if necessary.
  10. Cover the pools and other water features, if you have any, to avoid replacing pool water too frequently.

Filtering and sanitising water is costly. So don’t miss the chance to get clean water from natural sources, such as rain. This allows you to give a portion of your water allocation away to others who need it more.

Yes, advocating water conservation at work might require you to exert more effort and collaborate more closely with team. But this will all be worth it. The business and social benefits of this advocacy are just too good to miss.

Are you now excited about implementing these strategies? If you’re in Australia, you can find affordable and high quality supplies at Everhard Industries. The company offers tapware and rainwater drainage system solutions that could support your conservation and cost-saving goals. For more details, visit at

Rifle scope care 101: How to store and care for your rifle scopes

Scopes are considered one of the essential rifle accessories. They are listed alongside such accessories as bullets, ammo cases, harnesses, and rifle cases. Scopes come in many different sizes and brands, with the most popular ones being Kahles scopes, Bushnell scopes, and Leupold scopes.

kahles scopes

These rifle accessories are by no means cheap. This is why when these are not in use, proper cleaning and storage is a must. This is to ensure that they remain as accurate and as useful as ever.

How to clean your rifle scopes

Whether you have Bushnell, Leupold, or Kahles scopes, you need to keep these clean to avoid deterioration. Here are some cleaning tips for your rifle scopes:

  • To remove large dust particles, use the soft brush that comes with your scope. If it does not have one, buy it from a reputable rifle accessory supplier.
  • For finer dust particles, a microfibre wipe should do the trick.
  • For cleaning the inner edges of your scope, a cotton swab should be used. You can also use a cuticle stick wrapped with cotton.
  • Stubborn dirt on your Weaver or Nightforce scopes can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol.
  • Never use saliva to clean off smudges from your scope lenses.
  • For tougher smudges or cloudy areas on your Kahles or Weaver scopes, dampen your microfibre wipes with some alcohol and gently scrub the area in a circular motion. Dry off with a clean microfibre cloth.

More scope care tips

Also, worth remembering to help keep your scopes from deteriorating are the following tips:

  • Never disassemble your scopes when you suspect there is moisture inside it.
  • If you there is, indeed, moisture inside it, send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.
  • Never try to blow away dust or dirt from your scopes using your breath, since saliva can get on your scope lens.
  • Always use cleaning agents that are recommended for use on your scopes.
  • When cleaning your scope, vigorous scrubbing is a no-no.

Scope storage tips

Also, worth remembering is the proper storage of your scopes. Not storing your Kahles scopes or Bushnell scopes properly can result in irreparable damage. To keep your scopes safe while they are not in use, do these:

  • Make sure they are in padded wrapping before storing in their bags or cases.
  • Clean them before storing to prevent scratches.
  • Never store your scope together with your rifle in one case. Always remove the scope before you store your rifle.
  • Don’t store more than one scope in one case.
  • When your rifle is not in use during your hunting trips, lay it down on the ground. Don’t lean it on a tree or other items. If it falls and your scope is still attached, it can damage the latter badly.

Also, worth noting is, when you buy your rifle accessories, always go for a reputable gun supply store, like The Barn. Whether you need to buy Fuchs oils for your rifle lubrication needs or other items for shooting, a reputable supplier is the way to go. Visit their site at to see their collection of scopes, gun safes, ammunition, and firearms.

Cold Sales E-mails: Top 5 Tips for Contacts Automation

Doing business in the digital era requires new ways of doing things. When the marketing platform changes, you should adopt new strategies and methods of marketing. Cold e-mails, like cold calls, are one way of improving your brand visibility and marketing efforts in the digital arena. Fortunately, the introduction of marketing software in the market makes it even easier to explore the strategy. With adequate assistance from a certified Infusionsoft expert, you can find cold e-mails one of the best tools to boost your marketing efforts.

Before you set your foot on the world of e-mails outreach, here is good advice to heed:

Consider the subject line

Research has shown that many cold emails are opened o n account of the length of their subject lines. E-mails with shorter subject lines receive an overwhelming response from preferred business executives. On the other hand, emails with longer subject lines of more than 8 words receive a minimal response. When you engage a reliable Infusionsoft expert, you can find help on how to tweak the subject lines of your e-mails to grab the attention of the preferred recipients.

Send e-mails in small lots

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to send hundreds or thousands of e-mails in a click of a button. However, to get the most from your e-mail outreach, experts recommend that you send them out in small batches.

E-mails usually sent in large batches often bear generic, impersonal messages, which is why the recipients find them less appealing to their unique circumstances. Even with automation, it is possible to regulate a number of e-mails you send out. A reliable UK Infusionsoft expert can help you achieve this objective. If you would like to know more about UK Infusionsoft prices, try checking the website:

Automation can help in follow-up

Research reveals that of all the bulk outreach e-mails sent out, only a handful of senders follow up with a second mail. If you don’t follow up your mail, chances are higher that it will never reach a prospect. A research done by the Brevet Group revealed that nearly 80 percent of sales inquiries requires at least five follow-up calls.

With Infusionsoft, you can utilize automation for follow-up. A reliable expert can advise you on where to buy Infusionsoft and apply it even for follow-up on earlier e-mails. Such emails should be short and mainly aim at finding out whether the prospect received the first e-mail. Read more at

Regular contacts automation

With reliable automation software such as Infusionsoft, you can easily automate the list of your regular contacts to receive updates at particular times. For example, if you run a blog, your contacts can receive e-mails each time you publish a new article. This is important because it shows that your goal is not only to make a sale but to share information as well. Besides, it brings you out as an authority in a particular field.

With these automation tips in mind, you can go ahead to find a reliable expert to guide you on the best software to give you the best results.

Make Effective Use of Spill Kits for Spill Control and Drain Protection

Drain protection and spill control can be unclean jobs. A spill kit is a special kit used for cleaning and dealing of spillage of different kinds. No matter how watchful you are in life, spillage of some kind or the other is bound to occur, even after you do your best to stay away from spilling. It is best to completely prepare yourself for situations when something unfortunate happens. Many kinds of spills occur as there are many varieties of spill kits and the main purpose of these versatile kits is to reduce the environmental risk caused by liquid spill.

Recently in the month of February, a specialty spill kit has been launched in the market. The kit is specially designed for hard to treat spills like formaldehyde, battery acid spills, bodily fluid and mercury. These kits are mainly created to align with the spill response requirements of the customers. Unique components are made use of in designing these special kits.

Different Types of Spill Kits

The main types of kits available are water spill kit, chemical spill kit and oil spill kit. The water spill kits are versatile kits and deal with chemical and oil spills. To signify that it is a water kit, it is necessary to check all the contents and they must be black. The main ingredients of the spill kit include specialized spill pads, absorbent pillows and socks. These ingredients are available in sizes ranging from 15 liters to 900 liters of water.

 In the event of an emergency, it is very important that your employees are certain where to find the spill control products. These locations must be marked with spill kit signs. The signs must be made in a manner that they are easy to identify where the kits are located for use for effective response to spill control and so they must be bright and large.

 Benefits of Using a Spill Kit

The benefits that can be gained through these environmental services are many. You can quickly cleanup chemical spills and prevent injuries, contamination and environmental hazards. The employees must make use of protective equipment and kits that contain hazmat absorbents. It is very important that before a spill kit is used one should determine its chemical type; whether it is a base or an acid. In this regard, guidance can be taken by the MSDS as the cleanup procedure varies for each chemical.

 The different pollution control products that are included in the spill kits are the granular organic absorbents, general purpose pads and organic booms. The Wheelie Bin spill kit is ideal for use in workshops and factories at times when probable emergency spills occur. The kit is specifically used for water based spills and for spills of hydrocarbon. Care should be taken that the kit is not made use for aggressive chemicals and oxidizing agents. You can purchase the kit according to the size appropriate for your site. Check out Absorb Enviro

For more information, you can visit websites such as