Find the right builders to have the home you’ve always dreamed of

Building the home of your dreams is more than just designing the structure. You also have to think about the overall landscape. Where would you want to build your dream home? Talking to expert home builders Queensland has today will help you plan your home depending on the size, location, and slope of the land you build it on.



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If you want, you can have a Hamptons style home even if you live far from the waterfront. It all boils down to the design you want to accomplish and the expertise of trusted home builders Queensland currently offers.

How the Hamptons style captured the hearts of Australians

Defined as a relaxed, casual but classy, and elegant beach living, Hampton style can make any home look sophisticated. Coastal vibe is one of the fastest-growing trends in interior decorating these days. It reminds you of your fun and relaxing times at the beach, making it everyone’s favourite. Imagine being stressed from work and entering your home in the city feeling refreshed and renewed. That is how rejuvenating this style is, and with the right house builders Queensland has these days, you can have your own coastal-inspired home.

What coastal styles can you choose from?

When looking for the right theme for your home, it’s so easy to get confused and be carried away with popular choices. However, knowing the distinct coastal designs out there will give you more insight as to which style is suitable for your property.

  1. Hamptons Style

When you look closely, you will notice that the Hamptons style focuses more on grandeur, but in a clean and contemporary way. You can recognise it by its eggshell white walls, whitewashed timber, high ceiling, plush upholstery, and chandeliers that are exquisitely designed to be pleasing to the eyes. The primary goal of this design is to bathe your interior with light treatments and maximise sunshine. This design may look expensive at first glance, but with the help of expert builders, you can achieve this look at a fraction of a cost. The secret is to find home builders Queensland has these days who are savvy and resourceful.

  1. Coastal Style

This is often confused with the Hamptons style house because both styles aim at maximising sunlight. However, the coastal design allows you to feel relaxed using sand and sea hues and natural fibres (rattan, rope, shell, and re-claimed timber). This is as beachy as you want it to be, but it is also flexible and contemporary, allowing you to express your individual personality.

There are different types of coastal style decorating:

  • Tropical island coastal — This style hails from Hawaii, Polynesia, and other islands in the Great Pacific. It reflects the colours, beliefs, and customs of its native people. It is characterised by tropical patterns that are bright and filled with natural elements such as teak and other woods.
  • American coastal — This style gives off that relaxed and comfortable vibe that has become very popular these days. In fact, it has already branched into sub-styles, such as cottage coastal style, contemporary coastal style, and a lot more. But, it still contains the same generic elements of the coastal style: natural light, ocean hues, warm whites, nautical decor, reflective surfaces, and of course, soft furnishings.
  • Mediterranean coastal — A lot of people thought this style came from Greece. However, it was actually the towns of Italy and Spain that were the catalysts for its launch. Just like other coastal styles, it focuses more on natural light but with the addition of bright sun-baked colours, terra cotta, black iron or metals, carved detailing, and heavy wood.

To recap

There is no rule that says you should only use Coastal style or Hampton style if you live near the beach. You can have that beachy vibe even if you live in a bustling city, such as Queensland or Gold Coast. You can even combine both Hamptons style and Coastal style and do away with the fine line between these two. Just contact custom home builders Gold Coast or Queensland has these days. You may visit McCarthy Homes for useful ideas.