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Planning to embark on an office fit out project for your Auckland corporate offices? Here is a simple guide on how you can plan your office fitouts in order to maximise on your spaces and create the perfect workplace environment:

Determine the aims of your office fit outs

Start by making a list of the aims that you plan to achieve with your office fitouts. When you are contracting an Auckland, AU company to carry out the workplace design work, you will want to clearly communicate these aims to them so that they can assist you in achieving that ideal and desired workspace and workplace environment.

There are several reasons why companies generally carry out the fit outs in their workplace environment. For example, they may want a workplace environment that is more organized or they may want an office workspace design that is suited to a particular kind of workforce such as the GenYers.

In some cases, workspace fit outs may be required in order to build the kind of office environment that will be more suitable for creativity, motivation, innovation or collaboration. If you are rebranding your company, you may want a workspace environment that communicates your new brand image.

These are simply some of the aims that you may wish to achieve with some of your fit out plans but you may also have your particular aims for carrying the office fit outs. What is important is that you communicate this well soon that you give a clear direction to the office design company so that they may know where to go as far as your office design aims are concerned.

Consider  your office spaces

What is the size of your office? Will your fit out aims suit your office size? When you are planning your fitouts, it is important to consider if the size of your office will be adequate for the fit out plans that you are planning to carry.

Will the space be adequate for all your employees? Is there room for some scalability in case you wish to add more employees to your office spaces? Will the space be adequate for the various office functions such as office amenities, areas for staff interaction, a reception area that projects an image of professionalism and areas of interaction with the company’s clients? It will be important to consider all the possible office functions when you are planning the office fit out.

Consider the layout of the office

The office layout and your fit out plans should basically complement each other. If you are looking for collaboration, creativity and communication, then an open plan will be a more suitable option. A closed layout plan will, on the other hand, will be more suited for a more private office atmosphere.

Furniture and fixtures

The furniture and fixtures that you will add to your office spaces will be dependent on the layout and spaces that you have in your office. There are plenty of options out there that you can discuss with your office design service provider.

When it comes to the office fitouts, you will have to achieve the right balance between the design you want, the functionality of the office, along with the budget that you allocated for the process. With good office design, you will be able to not only create the best workspaces that reflect your vision and brand image, but you will also be able to boost your business productivity.