Rifle scope care 101: How to store and care for your rifle scopes

Scopes are considered one of the essential rifle accessories. They are listed alongside such accessories as bullets, ammo cases, harnesses, and rifle cases. Scopes come in many different sizes and brands, with the most popular ones being Kahles scopes, Bushnell scopes, and Leupold scopes.


kahles scopes



These rifle accessories are by no means cheap. This is why when these are not in use, proper cleaning and storage is a must. This is to ensure that they remain as accurate and as useful as ever.

How to clean your rifle scopes

Whether you have Bushnell, Leupold, or Kahles scopes, you need to keep these clean to avoid deterioration. Here are some cleaning tips for your rifle scopes:

  • To remove large dust particles, use the soft brush that comes with your scope. If it does not have one, buy it from a reputable rifle accessory supplier.
  • For finer dust particles, a microfibre wipe should do the trick.
  • For cleaning the inner edges of your scope, a cotton swab should be used. You can also use a cuticle stick wrapped with cotton.
  • Stubborn dirt on your Weaver or Nightforce scopes can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol.
  • Never use saliva to clean off smudges from your scope lenses.
  • For tougher smudges or cloudy areas on your Kahles or Weaver scopes, dampen your microfibre wipes with some alcohol and gently scrub the area in a circular motion. Dry off with a clean microfibre cloth.

More scope care tips

Also, worth remembering to help keep your scopes from deteriorating are the following tips:

  • Never disassemble your scopes when you suspect there is moisture inside it.
  • If you there is, indeed, moisture inside it, send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.
  • Never try to blow away dust or dirt from your scopes using your breath, since saliva can get on your scope lens.
  • Always use cleaning agents that are recommended for use on your scopes.
  • When cleaning your scope, vigorous scrubbing is a no-no.

Scope storage tips

Also, worth remembering is the proper storage of your scopes. Not storing your Kahles scopes or Bushnell scopes properly can result in irreparable damage. To keep your scopes safe while they are not in use, do these:

  • Make sure they are in padded wrapping before storing in their bags or cases.
  • Clean them before storing to prevent scratches.
  • Never store your scope together with your rifle in one case. Always remove the scope before you store your rifle.
  • Don’t store more than one scope in one case.
  • When your rifle is not in use during your hunting trips, lay it down on the ground. Don’t lean it on a tree or other items. If it falls and your scope is still attached, it can damage the latter badly.

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