The Little Ways You Can Promote Water Conservation in the Office

Let’s face it. Aside from electricity, workplace water use accounts for a huge chunk of a company’s budget for utilities. Finding ways to reduce water consumption makes business sense. But cost-savings aside, the use of efficient tapware solutions and Aqua Nova wastewater management systems are also great ways to uphold conservation.



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Why does water conservation matters?

As an entrepreneur, perhaps you’re always looking for ways to maximise your budget. Conservation, be it for water or electricity, is the best place to start. Upholding conservation principles in business helps you innovate and maintain high productivity without compromising the team’s morale and health. In the long run, this also helps you promote your company as a sustainable, eco-friendly enterprise.

Yes, water covers a whopping 71% of the Earth’s surface. But only a limited portion of it is actually safe for use. Although there are countries with abundant water supply, there are also others that suffer from frequent drought. Everyone deserves access to clean water.

Hence, it’s important to use Aqua Nova and other water-efficient solutions to conserve and share this resource equally. The United Nations even encourages businesses and non-profit organisations to include this advocacy in social responsibility projects.

How can you implement water conservation in the office?

Hence, areas with a rainy season are highly advised to use concrete rainwater tank to store water for future use. For offices, these are the tips you can do even daily to conserve water:

  1. Opt for low-flow showerheads and toilets.
  2. Have rainwater pits, and make this your water source for the landscape.
  3. Switch to low-maintenance plants that require less watering. Opt for trees that affords the outdoor area a lot of natural shade.
  4. Have your water systems checked and maintained regularly. This prevents leaks, which could add a couple of unnecessary bucks to water bill.
  5. Raise the team’s awareness on conservation.
  6. Place signages and conservation reminders near sinks, toilets, and other watering areas.
  7. If you’ve installed an automatic watering system for the landscape, equip it with rain sensors. The sensors can detect when actual rain pours in to take over the system’s watering duties.
  8. Install a wastewater management solution, such as Aqua Nova, to recycle water. The recycled water can be used for the landscaping.
  9. Be discerning when you use water for cleaning. Sweep if necessary.
  10. Cover the pools and other water features, if you have any, to avoid replacing pool water too frequently.

Filtering and sanitising water is costly. So don’t miss the chance to get clean water from natural sources, such as rain. This allows you to give a portion of your water allocation away to others who need it more.

Yes, advocating water conservation at work might require you to exert more effort and collaborate more closely with team. But this will all be worth it. The business and social benefits of this advocacy are just too good to miss.

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